This website was set up to allow golfing enthusiasts a way to be search best to begin betting online. As an avid golf player and long-time follower I have placed many bets online some successful son not. When I first started out it was a minefield, I didn’t know where to begin. With so many sports books to choose from all over the world, I couldn’t decide between them. Since then I have and from my mistakes and have placed many successful bats by selecting the best bookmakers and sports betting sites around. I have never had a problem getting paid from any of the sites listed here.

If you ever run into problems with any bookmaker listed on this website then getting contact with me and I will try to help you. If you placed a bets with very bad bookmaker who is refusing to pay then contact me and I will try to help. However, I am unable to help with accounts related issues i.e. your personal details or banking info due to EU regulations.

Although I do not share any tips I will share the sources of several decent websites where I get all the latest golf information from professionals. Personally I do not like obtaining betting tips from anyone website, I like to correlate tips from multiple websites and combining selections that multiple tipsters have in common,

On this site you will see various bonuses offered by major sports books, many people think these are a scam or a rip-off as no one gives away free money. I can assure you these are not scams after all if they were they wouldn’t be allowed to advertise on Tv or in the media and the UK gambling commission would have shut them down a long time ago. Bookmakers use these free bets as a way of enticing new players to sign up, the money is not free as it comes with certain stipulations and you have to deposit your own money first in order to unlock free bets. Always read the terms and conditions associated with any bonus before accepting especially the parts about wagering requirements and which markets you can place bets on. Wagering requirements are simply a set amount which you must wager in order to qualify for a bonus for example if the wagering requirement is five times and your bonus is £100 you must wager £500.

I understand betting can be overwhelming especially to a beginner, so if you have any problems, or any queries, then get in touch

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